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About a year ago I realized that I needed to get a backup MTB for my Scott Spark 930 full sus. When my Scott went for service, I would be without a MTB bike. Also the normal wear and tear parts such as 12 spd cassette and chain were becoming expensive to replace.

So I decided to start collecting parts for a hardtail build. I decided on a hardtail because it would be cheaper to build and no expensive rear suspension parts to maintain. I also decided to build a 1×11 gear setup because I already had these parts after I upgraded my Scott to 1×12. In reality you don’t need 1×12 or a full sus bike for the majority of riding we do in our normal ride area.

A suitable wheelset (boost) Aluminium was sourced from a Scott bike, because I wanted the wheels to also fit my Scott 930. So I would have a wheelset that could be used on the Scott and the new hardtail.

That then created a challenge to find a suitable frame for the hardtail build. There are not many used carbon boost hardtail frames available. So after several months of looking I decided to buy a new Momsen frame that has a 3 year guarantee. When you buy used, no guarantee.

The next challenge was to find a suitable fork (boost) for the frame. Eventually after some wheeling and dealing I got a Rockshox Reba 100mm travel fork.

The frame also determined the seat post size and bottom bracket.

The rest of the parts such as tyres, saddle, crank set, brakes, rear derailleur, shifter, stem, handlebar, grips, seat post I had already acquired over the last year.

So, now the build could begin.

Two weeks later………….

With the build now complete, what did I learn:-

Buy the lightest best wheelset that you can afford. Try to get a wheelset that can be used on your other MTB. My wheel set is (boost) Aluminium relatively light and robust 1.9kg. 29” and nice internal width 25mm. Interchangeability is important. If you buy cheap wheelset you will later buy again to upgrade.

Find a suitable frame for the wheelset (boost). I wanted a carbon frame. Not easy to find used. If you buy used no guarantees. There are new frames available from the big brands but at a serious price, R20k plus. I bought Momsen to support local, cheapest by far, 3 year guarantee and great quality, nice colour too.

Buy a good chainwheel set. I bought SRAM Truvativ stylo carbon with 32t chainring. Chainwheel sets can be heavy, so if you want to save weight buy carbon, but expensive.

Get the best fork you can afford to suit your frame and your ride area. I got Rockshox Reba (boost)

100mm travel. There are cheaper options but you will then upgrade later.

I already had rear derailleur, cassette, shifter and chain,10-42. 1x11sp GX. These parts are about half the price of 1×12 when you need to replace. In our DOC ride area 1×11 is fine.

When it comes to tyres there is a wide choice. 90% of the time we are riding district road, some single track and tar sections. I’m not going to do very technical rides with this bike. Will use Scott full sus for technical rides. So opted for Ardent 29×2.25 for front and Ikon 29×2.2 for the back. Ardent is

a trail tyre and Ikon a xc tyre.

Brakes is another item where there are several choices. I chose a midrange setup. SRAM level TL. There are very nice brake sets for reasonable prices out there. Make sure rear calliper is suitable for frame. I experienced a problem but found a solution.

Only buy seat post after you have frame. Frame determines diameter of seat post.

The stem and handlebar determines how you fit on the bike and your comfort. I have a couple of these items and will try several combinations until I’m comfortable.

Saddle choice also personal. I have a few and will experiment till I find suitable one. I will probably be using a softer saddle because there is no suspension.

So guys&gals, hope you found my build interesting. Weight of bike is a respectable 10kg.

Cost??? Too much!!! It’s always cheaper to buy a complete bike but then again you don’t always get the exact spec you want, so you start upgrading. When you build you can choose each part according to what you want from the start. I like to fiddle so hence I like to build. So if you not in a hurry you can source parts relatively cheaply and build your dream bike speced exactly to your needs.


Frame:-Carbon 29er, boost 148 rear, pressfit 92BB, internal cable routing. Fork:- Rockshox Reba, 15mm thru axle, 51mm offset, 100mm

Headset:- Taper integrated type

Stem:- Rapide alloy 35mm length 60mm. Handlebar:- Alloy 35mm,750mm wide. Grips:- Fabric silicone.

Rotor:- Avid 160mm front and rear. Brakeset:- SRAM Level TL.

Tyres:- Maxxis Ardent 29×2.25 front. Maxxis Ikon 29×2.2 rear.

Rims:- Alex aluminum 25mm internal width, tubeless ready, 28h. Spokes:- Stainless black, straight pull, aluminum nipples.

Front hub:- Formula, straight pull, 6bolt disk, boost 110.

Rear hub:-Formula, straight pull,6bolt disk,boost 148. Xd driver. Chainwheel Set:- SRAM Truvativ Stylo Carbon,Dub,32T,175mm. Chain:- SRAM 11spd

Bottom bracket:- SRAM dub pressfit. Pedals:- Shimano xt.

Saddle:- Specialized henge.

Seat post:- Cross carbon 31.6mm. Shifter:- SRAM GX 11spd.

Rear derailleur:- SRAM GX 11spd.

Cassette:- SRAM xg 1150. 11spd. 10-42t.

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