Camp site Review on Sionbergh

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By Ivan Bailie

So, if camping, MTB riding, Black bass and Carp fishing is your kind of rest
and relaxation, then read on. We decided to break out of Jurassic Park and do a
bit of the above just to regain some of our lost sanity after a long lockdown
because of C19. Need I say anything more about lockdown.

We also decided to take the 2x Grandsons aged 9&5 with us to give their
parents a bit of a break. Not always easy to find a place where you can camp,
ride, fish and take kids.

We have camped at Sionbergh before, many years ago before I started riding MTB.
It was decided to go back there and camp. Our previous experience was pleasant.
We noted on their website that several improvements had been done since our
last visit. So back we went.

Sionbergh is about 40km or 45min from Alberton. Situated on the R42 on the
south side of Sukkelbosrand. Really close. Important when you have exuberant
grand kids with you who want to know every 5 mins when are we getting there.

We left Alberton on Friday 18 September at 11:00 and within an hour we were
at the resort. Took us a couple of minutes to check in at reception and then
proud owner Isak escorted us to our site which overlooked the dam on the
resort. Our site overlooking the dam was beautiful and fully grassed. No
groundsheet required. The dam was full to the brim and several other campers
had already set up shop and were fishing. By about 14:00 we were done setting
up our campervan and it was time for R&R for the arrive with a bit of
fishing a beer and some more R&R. I brought the Grandson’s bicycles and
soon they were off to explore the campsite. Nightfall came all too quickly and
after a lekker braai the grandsons faded and we sat around the fire chatting
and reminiscing about all the lekker places we have camped at over the years.
Fabulous memories. Then we crashed.

Saturday dawned a beautiful sunny day. Time to go ride on the MTB. Now
Sionbergh is ideally located to do some riding. Went out the campsite and
turned left onto a dirt district road that links up with the Vaal dam route road
just before you cross the river when doing the Vaal dam ride. 12km from
campsite to that T-junction. Then left and over the river and onto the Doc
donut stop. 16km from campsite. Then from there proceeded to do the 26 km loop
which includes the Vaal dam tar section and then back to the Doc donut stop. In
honour of Fred I created a Strava segment and called it Fred’s DOC donut stop
loop. Currently I’m on the leader board though not for long. The KOM hunters
will come KOM hunting. So when you riding in the area make sure to do that
Segment. We must have DOCS occupying all the top 10 spots on the leader board.

As I turned to head back past the Donut stop the wind started to blow. 30km
into a strong headwind back to campsite was going to be tuffer especially when
you riding solo. No place to hide and no Apie to push you. So from the campsite
including the Donut stop loop and back to campsite = 60km. It was a lekker
somewhat breezy ride.

The rest of Saturday was spent doing some R&R and bit of fishing with
the Grandsons. Meanwhile the wind was starting to blow stronger. Sionbergh has
a very nice heated indoor pool and we spent several hours with the grandsons
swimming. Nice to be indoors when the wind is unpleasant outside. Saturday
night we had a fabulous Breyani and with the wind blowing strongly we retired
early inside the camper and played games with the grandsons.

The wind became worse through the night and by Sunday morning it was a gale.
I didn’t sleep much that night. No riding on Sunday. It was just too windy.

We spent Sunday morning sheltering from the wind, some unsuccessful fishing
and indoor swimming. After lunch we packed up and headed home. Within a hour we
were home with 2 grandsons passed out on the Campervan bed. A pleasant weekend.
Just a pity about the wind on Sunday.

To summarize:-

Ideal place for quick family camping getaway. Only 45 min travel time.

Ideal for a Doc camp and ride weekend. Don’t have to travel far. Avoid

Lots of ride options in the area. 100 km to Vaal marina and back to campsite.
Donut stop loop 60km. 32km to Donut stop and back. Then of course you can also do a loop in Sukkelbosrand.

Campsite is very neat and ablution block is neat and clean with a family bathroom.

The dam is fabulous.

The heated indoor pool is great.

There is a shop on site with the basics.

All campsites have electricity. Some sites are paved.

Tariff = R370 per day


A very lekker place. Support local.

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