Joberg2c 2022

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Greetings awesome mountain bikers all over South Africa,

Despite wanting you all to be negative – we really want you to be positive about 2022 making a gigantic comeback.

joberg2c planning is in full swing and we will work towards April 2022 with our usual passion and enthusiasm. Naturally most of you, like us, will have the “what if’s” in the back of your minds. We are constantly thinking about this, so we are not delusional. However, given that we are semi on track with our vaccination programme, we are optimistic that 2022 is going to be big.

Many international riders will still not be able to travel so we are opening extra entries to South Africans – please spread the word to your mates.

Let’s make 2022 proper, for the communities who are desperate for the return of the event!! 

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